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Deep Drawing Press

Category: Power Press
Range : 50 Tons to 2000 Tons

More than 4500 machines are working with satisfaction

  • The robust Frame is fabricated from UT tested IS 2062 grade steel plates.
  • Deep drawing presses are available in various designs like Single Action Deep Drawing, Double Action Deep drawing or triple action deep drawing press.
  • The adjustable guiding arrangements are specially designedtosuit theoperationrequirement forlongerlife.
  • Grounded Bolster Platen.
  • Hydraulic Holding plates / Cushion structure with hydraulic cushion arrangement is provided on deep drawing presses.
  • Multiple speed for Approach, pressing & return strokes saves cycle time.
  • Hydraulic Cylinders made of seamless hone tubes & hard chrome plated rod.
  • Latest technology PTFE seals with bronze guide tapes in hydraulic cylinders ensure long life.
  • International quality hydraulic & electrical components to ensure long service life.

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