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Under Crank Mechanical

Category: Shearing
Length: 610 x 2mm to 3125 x 4mm

JAY-SHREE Brand Steel Body Geared operated Shearing Machine are designed and parallel sheet cutting. The Machine is applicable to M.S., S.S., Copper, Brass, Aluminum, CRC, P.S.B. etc cutting industries. It is also applicable to manufacturers of Electric stamping, Automobiles, Tin Drum Barrel, Control Panels and Boards, Steel Furniture, Tube light Patties, Fabricators & Kitchenware items etc.

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ModelCutting Cap. In Ms Length X ThicknessStroke Per MinuteTable HeightTable WidthFront GaugePear GaugeMotor HP / KWBlade Length X Width X ThickLeanth ABreadth BHeight C
JSML-1610 x 2557003006006002 / 1.5610 x 63 x 12125010001100
JSML-21000 x 2557003006006002 / 1.51000 x 63 x 12170010001100
JSML-31270 x 2557503506006002 / 1.51270 x 63 x 12200015001200
JSML-41525 x 2557503506006002 / 1.51525 x 63 x 12230015001200
JSML-52030 x 2557504006006003 / 2.22030 x 63 x 14270016001200
JSML-62540 x 2558004006006005 / 3.72540 x 63 x 14320016001200
JSML-73125 x 2558004006006005 / 3.73125 x 63 x 14380016001200
JSMH-1610 x 4507503506006003 / 2.2610 x 63 x 14130014001200
JSMH-21000 x 4508003506006005 / 3.21000 x 63 x 14175014001200
JSMH-31270 x 4508004006006005 / 3.71270 x 63 x 14205015001200
JSMH-41525 x 4509004506007505 / 3.71525 x 75 x 18235017001300
JSMH-52030 x 4509004506007507.5 / 5.62030 x 75 x 18275017001300
JSMH-62540 x 45090045060075010 / 7.72540 x 75 x 18330018001350
JSMH-73125 x 44090045060075015 / 11.23125 x 75 x 18390018001350

Are of Steel Plates designed for maximum rigidity to eliminate deflection and to with stand continuous high speed performance at full capacity.


Is of solid steel plate and additional ribs on back side the ram adds to is strength, carrying the upper knife. Its maximum weight ensure lesser load on the bearing. The ram moves in accurate machined guide-ways to avoid deflection. for smooth running and maintains the proper strength of the upper knife.


Is of closed box type steel fabricated, which forms a rigid backbone for the shear and a solid backing for the lower knife. Additional ribs, under the table adds to its strength.


Is four edged KC HCR provided for longer tool life.


Is of best Steel, accurately machined and runs in gun metal bearing and all other installed in gun metal bearings.


Is of steel fabricated spring loaded ensures uniform pressure through out the cutting length without any slipping irrespective to the sheet.


Made of EN-24 steel for positive engagements and continuous operation having three key way. Single revoling key system in incorporated in the machine ensuring easy and efficient working of the machine.


Is through "B" Belts on the fly wheel and other chain of job cut gears for smooth running and longer life.


Constant Spring Loaded adjustable brake is provided.


For sufficient Lubrication oil cups and oil points are provided.


Gear & Wheel Guard, Hand Operated Back Gauge, Manual Lubrication System. T-Slot Front Supporters, Front Scale Gauge, Hydraulic Hold Down & Instruction Manual.


Automatic Lubrication System, Electrical consist of Electric Motor, Control Panel, V-Belts, Stroke Counter, Ball Roller or Ball Transfer, N.C. Back Gauge, Extension Squaring Arm, Foundation Bolts, Motorized Back Gauge With D.R.O.

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